About Us

While hemp has only been legalized recently, the cannabis plant has a rich history with a variety of uses. With more than 10,000 years of recorded use, much is known about the cannabis plant, yet unfortunately through its prohibition, much is left to be re-discovered. As cannabis enthusiasts, hemp growers, and activists, our founders, Blake and Jill, focus on using their vast knowledge, expertise, passions, and family history surrounding the plant to bring to you the highest quality hemp products.  From our Illinois fields to your feels, we deliver to you not only an experience you can trust, but one you can learn to love and appreciate as much as we do. 

Vermilion Hemp is on a mission to help you discover the wonders of nature and reunite with cannabis.  We are dedicated to providing you with small batch, holistic CBD products- all handcrafted with our sun-grown hemp flowers!  

Vermilion Hemp is licensed to grow and process hemp through Illinois's 2014 Pilot Program.